Sunday, October 18, 2009

On a mission

Stephen and I are on a mission. A mission to break Jack of his addiction to the bottle - affectionately known as "the mama." On Saturday we decided that this weekend would be Jack's last one on the bottle. We did this for a few reasons - first of all, he's now 30 months old and secondly we're tired of being a slave to the bottle. So we spent the entire weekend talking to Jack about how big boys don't drink out of bottles - that only babies do. We also threw in an extra line about how we would be giving the bottles to a baby to use (he chose baby Hunter). So tonight before Jack went to bed, we had him gather up all his bottles and put them in a canvas bag. We then took the bag and hung them up on the door knob - for the baby's mom to come pick them up (you coming over Jill?). We also told him he'd be drinking his milk out of an Elmo cup from now on.

This is a picture of Jack drinking his last mama. I'm actually kind of sad. My eyes welled up as I handed it to him. My baby is a big boy :( . I'll make sure to let you know how it goes tomorrow morning - with the Elmo cup. Stephen better hide that bag of bottles...

If you watched the Patriots game tonight you know how rotten our weather was today. It was literally raining snow. Jack though it was great. I didn't. Ugh, snow.

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