Sunday, September 13, 2009

Really, a gun?

Last year for Christmas I got Stephen a nerf gun - totally forgetting that Jack would eventually want to play with it. I am very anti-gun and I'm not sure how I had such a lapse in judgment. Anyway - it's in the house now and today Jack and Stephen played with it for a while in the family room.

He liked learning how to load the ammunition. Great.

After rifle practice we decided to try and get out of the house. Now, getting out of the house isn't as easy as you think it is. Very often Jack decides that his pajamas are perfectly acceptable clothing for both at home and at the store. The ensuing chase around the house - trying to get Jack to succumb to getting dressed can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. The latter is what took place today. Jack started with a stand-off under the crib.

Then he thought he could distract me by doing his signature move - "the Jack." We're not quite sure where he picked this up... but it is quite reminiscent of some old-school break dancing.

"Look Mom - no hands!" This just makes me cringe. I feel like he's going to snap his neck.

Eventually I wrestled Jack down to the ground and got him dressed. We headed out to look at houses (just looking... just looking) and ended up stopping by Owen and Ethan's house to visit. We decided to try and go apple picking next weekend. Last year we went too late and all the apples were gone - but not this year - this year - we will pick 'em.

Oh - and here is a picture of the newest member of the family. Yes - this is Nemo. Nemo lives in Jack's room and is consistently harassed by the 2 year old that he shares a room with. Poor little fishy.

Jack is waking up from his nap... gotta run!

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