Sunday, September 27, 2009

Parade Pictures

Everyone loves a parade... especially 2 year olds. Here are some shots from the parade we went to yesterday in Canton with the Wood Family... boy was it chilly. Fall has definitely arrived in New England.

The Canton Fire Department had a booth set up taking donations and handing out "fire truck men" hats. Jack and Ryan got one... it was the best thing we've ever gotten him for 2 bucks!

Here are the boys as they boarded the train ride in the amusement part section of the big block party. We weren't sure if they'd stay seated, but I think the excitement of it all kept them grounded.

Please note that the Diego band-aid on Jack's forehead is not actually covering a boo boo... it was just for "show" and definitely for "tell."

He-ho's!!! (aka horses)

FYI - I ripped the band-aid off this morning... he didn't see it coming... but boy was he mad!

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