Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Choo Choo

We had to drop Stephen off at the train station on Monday afternoon for a quick trip to NYC - it turned into a trip to Toys R Us. Let me explain.

So we got to the train station and unfortunately Jack was under the impression that HE was going on a train (aka "choo choo") with his father. We waited patiently on the platform for the Amtrak train and when it came - boy was it exciting! Jack was screaming "choo choo" for everyone to hear - and chuckle at. But when Stephen got on - and Jack and I did not - the waterworks started. He was completely adamant that he was supposed to be on the train with his father and felt like he was being left behind. Awww... so hard to tell him no. Anyway to calm him down I said we'd go to the choo choo store (toy store) to get a new train. This worked and he happily went to the car. By the time we got on the highway I thought he had forgotten my offer. He had not. Of course it was Labor Day - which meant a number of stores were not open. I drove to 3 different stores - eventually ending up at Toys R Us.

He played at the train table for a good 20 minutes - and I let him. I figured we didn't have anything better to do - might as well hang out at a toy store all afternoon, right? I eventually got him to pick just one train (and not try to take off with the ones on the table). We chose the one named "Jack" - it's a bulldozer/train (?).

We played with it as soon as I could rip open the packaging ... Happy Jack = Happy Mom :)

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