Sunday, September 20, 2009

Apple Picking

Last year we were too late... not the case this year. This year WE PICKED APPLES! We ventured up to Stow (about 40 minutes north of Foxboro) to an orchard called Honey Pot Hill. Very cute place. They had goats, chickens, rabbits, pigs, pumpkins, donuts, tractor rides and of course acres and acres of apple trees.

Best looking picking crew in all of Massachusetts today. We went with our friends the McHugos. So it was the 3 of us... and Matt, Maria, Owen (3) and Ethan (1) hitting the orchard.

Before we headed in to do our migrant work we checked out the animals... Owen wanted to climb in and get a closer look at the goats.

Checking out the piggies.

We loaded onto the tractor for our hayride out to the orchard. I think this was Jack's favorite part. He grabbed a seat at the very back and was just thrilled the whole time.

The ride was about 10 minutes long... followed a pretty river up to the orchard. Of course the tractor ride was an extra buck a person. I don't mind paying hard working farmers a little extra to keep them in business. Stephen enjoyed the ride as well.

Here's a quick video taken while on the tractor ride... you'll see that Stephen has to coax Jack to even look at me... so stubborn!

After climbing some big hills up to the perfect tree - Stephen took the ladder (which Maria and I had carried!) and headed up the tree to get his hands on the reddest apples (MacIntosh).

I think they charge you so much extra because they know you eat a dozen apples while picking.

Jack had to climb the ladder since Stephen was up there.

So did Owen...

The trees were so loaded with apples that the branches were nearly touching the ground. This let Jack pick his own apple... which made him very proud.

Bye bye tractor!

Best way to ride - ever!

I tried getting a nice fall picture of Jack in the pumpkins... he didn't exactly cooperate... as usual.

We got home... played a quick game of hide and seek (again!) and then Jack took a decent 3 hour nap. I ran to the store and got supplies to make apple crisp... which I'm going to go eat right now.

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