Friday, March 27, 2009

A Warm March Day

Sure - Jack may have a lot of toys - but sometimes the best toy... is a blankie. For a while this evening we played "ghost baby." Jack is amazingly adept at walking with his head totally covered. Every once in a while he walk into a wall or a chair... or me... but it's a fun game to play.

After a good game of "Ghost Baby" Jack chilled in his typical position - like a bridge between the couch and leather cubes. He can hang in this position for quite some time - I find it very impressive. It must take some good stomach muscles to pull this off.

And here is a quick video of Jack dancing on one of the cubes... and then watch as he tries to rip the camera (well... my Blackberry) out of my hands...

At one point he rubbed his eyes - that's because they played outside for about 2 hours today at day care. They told me he was going down the slide head first (oh, great) and landing in the mulch. FYI - When I was changing his diaper before bed I found a few pieces of mulch - nice. When we got home we played outside with Ryan for a bit... before coming inside for a very nutritious dinner of milk, pretzels and a banana. He wanted nothing to do with the grilled cheese I worked so very hard on.

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