Thursday, March 26, 2009

The NRA Invades Foxboro

Yes - Jack may be just a wee bit shy of his 2nd birthday... and he's already a fan of guns. Well, actually this is a Nerf gun and to be honest Jack has no clue how to shoot it. His favorite part is the scope - he likes to watch Barney through it.

After we shot a couple of rounds, Jack's friend Ryan came over to play. When I say play - I don't mean play "together." They play around each other - take each other's toys and generally ignore the fact that the other little guy is in the room. I guess this is typical behavior for kids this age - but I'm just waiting for the day when they sit down and start playing.

After Ryan headed home it was bath time for the Jack-ster. We had a good time playing with the bathtub markers and squirting water out of the plastic duck, turtle, crab and octopus. Then we chilled in the bedroom, watched Diego and read some books about trains. After I put Jack in the crib - with a couple of books - he laid down, covered himself with a blankie and said, "night night Mama."

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