Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day - Part Deux

Yeah! Snow! Jack loves, loves, loves the snow. As I've said before - he's a human penguin. But even a penguin needs a little winter clothing. Jack enjoyed getting his snow pants, boots, mittens, hat and parka on this afternoon.

First he helped me shovel the front walk. He actually was helping. He really moved some snow.

Then I took Jack for a ride in the sled up and down the road. Then it was Jack's turn. He actually wanted to try and pull me on the sled (um, no). Instead he settled for taking his snow shovel for a ride. Along the way we gathered large snow balls.

Then Jack wanted to sit in the snow - he loves to be cold! This is my favorite picture from the day.

Then we broke out the ATV for a ride in the snow. Stephen and I are thinking about hooking up a plow to the front and letting him earn some cash doing a little plowing.

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