Sunday, March 1, 2009

The snow is coming...

You'd think we live in Florida with how freaked out people are getting about this alleged snow storm we are getting tonight and tomorrow. Every school is already closed and no snow has even fallen yet. It just means if we do actually get any snow that Jack won't have school and I'll be home dragging him around on a sled all day. Jack will look out the window and want to make a "No-man." That's what he calls snow... he calls it "no." Jack will be very excited for a snow day. Me? Not so much - I want spring.

Jack likes raisins. Yick. It was pretty much the only thing he ate today except bacon. Oh yes, and some sprinkles that he licked off a cookie at the grocery store this morning. You know, I always say - a well rounded diet is very important.

Grandpa Tractor and Grandma Rose summited Mt. Kilimanjaro today. They said it was much harder than they anticipated. Good pictures to come I'm sure since they were there as the sun came up. Very cool.

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