Sunday, March 15, 2009

A First...

This was Jack's first time in a hotel and he had a great time! Stephen booked us in a nice hotel in the Portsmouth, NH area for the weekend. We headed up (in rush hour traffic) on Friday night. We checked into the Wentworth by the Sea and got upgraded to a suite. Yeah! This was good - giving us a lot of extra space - especially for when Jack went to sleep for his naps and night night.

When we first got there, Jack immediately went to the desk to start writing out his post cards:)

Since it was already after 6 by the time we got there we had to head into the town of Portsmouth to find a place to eat dinner. We ended up at Fat Belly's (I liked the name) and got a table right in front of the window that faced out to Market Street. For 90 percent of the dinner Jack sat facing the window waving to all the people walking by - many reciprocated - making Jack very very happy. Sorry about the flash in the window.

The next morning we were off to Kittery, Maine to head to the outlets. It was a very sunny day - the boys needed their sunglasses!

I specifically wanted to go to the Hanna Andersson store to get Jack some new socks. We got there - they had just one pair of socks that I wanted in Jack's size. Ugh. Ended up getting him a lot of new clothes for spring and summer. Stephen went to the Black & Decker outlet and got some random tools. Then it was back to the hotel for a little swimming!

Jack had a good time swimming (I of course forgot my camera) and showing Stephen how he jumps in and goes underwater - a trick we learned in swimming lessons at the Y. Fortunately we were the only ones in the pool - though it was right next to the spa and I'm positive Jack's loud shrieking interrupted a massage or two!

Then it was time for some reflecting... before a nap. Jack liked our window from the suite. The room had a nice view of the harbor.

What else did Jack like in the hotel room? The shower! He kept hiding in the shower stall and trying to drag one of us in there with him. Here is Jack "surprising" Mom when she walked in.

Then we took a nice walk around the hotel and down to the marina. Lots of boats and birds and beautiful homes to take a look at.

Here is a cute picture of Stephen pointing out some robins to Jack. I love it when he crouches down!

Jack loved the long hallway in the hotel. He frequently squealed with delight as he ran down the hall. I'm sure our nearby guests were glad when we checked out.

Push the button Jack!

Riding in elevators is fun!

Jack joined me down in the lobby this morning for some coffee (Jack's was all milk). He sat there and sipped it like it was hot... the others in the lobby thought this was pretty humorous which egged Jack on to continue.

Brunch this morning consisted of - bacon, fruit loops and milk. The best part today was the sheet of stickers the waitress gave us.

As we were leaving - Jack waved bye bye...

Bye Bye Wentworth by the Sea - hopefully we'll come back. Looks like a great place to visit during the summer.

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