Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mr. Copy Cat

Everything we do... Jack does.
I clean up the floor with a paper towel. Jack cleans up the floor with a paper towel.
Stephen shaves his face. Jack shaves his face (with shaving cream and the back of a razor).
I put my shoes on. Jack tries to put my shoes on :)

You get the picture. Well, every morning I have my one cup of coffee while I am forced to watch Blues Clues, Franklin or Barney. Now, Jack has to have his own coffee cup as well. I used to give him a teaspoon of coffee in a mug... but then I got smart. I now put that tiny amount of highly caffeinated Starbucks coffee into a demitasse.

By the way - he ate FOUR chicken nuggets for dinner! He also ate his whole slice of pizza today at school. Tomorrow I'm predicting he eats nothing.

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