Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tomorrow is B'easter

Yes, it's a new holiday you've probably never heard of... but this was coined by Judy. It's a combination of Easter and Birthday... therefore tomorrow is B'easter. The drive today from Boston to Glens Falls was pretty decent. Jack slept all the way to Albany and then it was my job to wrangle my way to the back seat and entertain the little bugger for 45 minutes. By the end I had run out of props and was trying to keep Jack amused by letting him bite my sweater. Sounds odd, but it kind of worked.
Now Jack calls everything "D." That can mean everything from the dog to the cat to his father. If he likes it... he calls it "D." He's still trying to kick the latest cold but the lingering cough is just horrible. Now Stephen is sick too, and he has to travel next week. Not fun, not fun at all.
I kind of feel old by turning 36. It's like I'm in the latter half of the 30s which mean I'm that much closer to 40.
Pictures of the big day coming tomorrow... stay tuned.

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