Sunday, March 9, 2008

Renovation Weekend!

Grandpa Tractor and Grandma Rose came this weekend to help Stephen with some master bathroom remodeling projects. The main goal was to get the tile in... we started out on a bad note, figuring out that the man at the tile store didn't sell us enough tile. We were 5 tiles short to finish the shower!
To give the men some peace and quiet, GR and I took Baby Man to Gymboree... it was great to have another adult with me to do all the heavy lifting! There are a number of activities to do at the class that involved lifting Jack up which hasn't felt so wonderful with my back pain lately. But I digress... but check out Jack's onesie.
By the time GT and GR left on Sunday (after losing an hour because of Daylight Savings) they had the shower pretty much tiled, the radiant floor heating all hooked up and ready to roll and a plan on how to get the rest done. Then Stephen painted, changed out the light, cleaned up and called it a weekend.
Do you like the tile border? I randomly found that at Home Depot and brought it home. Magically it matched our tile perfectly.

"A clean home improvement project, is a happy home improvement project." -SRF 3/08/2008
Stephen actually built this shelf for us to use for towels and other bathroom essentials (right now our new light fixture is sitting on it). He's almost as good as Norm Abram. Almost... well kind of close anyway.

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