Wednesday, March 12, 2008

He Speaks...

Jack is amazing... he now can say a handful of words... and they include:
  • Mum Mum
  • Da Da
  • Ball
  • Bubble
Yes, I think that bubble is the most impressive of his wide vocabulary. If you blow bubbles at him he really does say it... I'm not kidding. When Grandma Rose was here last weekend she noticed it and Catherine at daycare confirmed it. He also looks at things when you say what they are... such as cat, dog, bottle, toy, diaper and blankie.

Right now I'm in the midst of planning for his big birthday bash on April 12th (invitations are being printed now). I want to make little goodie bags for the kids who come, but I'm trying to find some creative ways to do them. Also, should I have games planned, I don't want to get a clown... because they scare me.

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