Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jack's Got Moves

Jack takes after his mother when it comes to his dancing ability. Check out his dancing this morning while watching his favorite show on Noggin. He gets a little shy when he realizes he's movin' and groovin' on camera! (Yes, I know he's not supposed to watch tv, but this show is all about music. How could that be bad?

So he's got another tooth coming in. And now he chomps all four together, almost like grinding them. The sounds drives Stephen and me nuts. We're yelling at him to make him stop, but he just carries on, completely unaware of our issues.
And this may be due to the teething, but Jack is still on a hunger strike. He drinks his formula and basically picks at his food. I truly can't remember the last time he ate an kind of decent meal. I've been trying everything! From meatballs to ravioli to turkey to a variety of fruits... no good. That is 'til tonight! Tonight I chopped up a mango and he devoured it! Woo hoo! I think he likes the mango because I ate so many of them while I was pregnant. So now I have to chop some up for him to take to school tomorrow.
Stephen is working on remodeling our master bathroom. The room is completely demolished. Check it out:

Did you know my birthday is on Easter? Yep, me and Jesus. (fyi - I know that Easter is not Jesus' birthday, stop worrying)

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