Sunday, July 19, 2009

Zoo 2009

Last year we took Jack to the Roger Williams Zoo for the first time - he enjoyed the giraffes and strolling around. Today Mom and I took him back - boy what a difference! This time he really seemed to love all the animals (they had just "studied" the Safari in school last week) and have a great time. The weather was great too... all sun and no clouds - yeah!

We started our with the zebras - which Jack insisted were "he-ho's" (horses). Then we quickly came up on the the elephants and zebras - a HUGE hit with Jack this time.

We got to watch the elephants get a bath. It's amazing how much water then can hold in their trunks - like up to 4 gallons!

Whoa - a real sheep. Baaaa....

Walking to the next exhibit alongside "Sheep."

A cool wall of water - that a lot of kids got totally soaked while playing in it. Fortunately Jack kept that to a minimum.

He also loved the monkeys - but I don't have any pictures of those. They were little blonde tamarins...

And we ended the day at the zoo with Jack's first ride on a carousel! He really loved it - and I tried not to throw up watching them go around and around and around.

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