Sunday, July 26, 2009

A quick trip...

Stephen spent all last week in Denver... so what do you want to do when you get home from a long week of working on the road? Right - head to Upstate NY to renovate a bathroom. When Stephen's plane landed at 7pm on Friday evening, Jack and I were there to greet him, but not before running through Logan and going up and down the escalators a dozen times. We also played in the children's area where they had a replica of a plane to play in.

Got into Queensbury late Friday night and Stephen got up bright and early on Saturday and started digging in. Meanwhile Jack and I (with Grammy) did errands and played assistant for the Stephen and Pooh. We swam (pictures to come), we ate popsicles, we helped water the new flowers in the front of the house.

He was "helping" but also ended up getting totally soaking wet - which necessitated the third clothing change of the day.

What is this move?

Now that's a steady stream...

So after a fun-filled Saturday - it was time to hit the road on Sunday mid-morning. Jack and I headed out while Stephen stayed behind the finish the bathroom project. All was good... until a few miles before Exit 9 on the Mass Pike.

Traffic at a standstill. You know it's not good when there is no traffic coming in the other direction and the people in front of you are getting out to walk their dogs. Turns out there was a rollover just a mile ahead of us and they had to land the medical chopper on the Pike. Just slowed us down for about 45 minutes. We were heading back to be home in time for Ryan's 2nd birthday party. We were fashionably late - but we had a good excuse. Ryan got a great new motorized car for his birthday. Here is a picture of Jack taking it for a spin - with 9 month old Hunter in the back... yikes!

That car goes pretty fast... hopefully being able to ride in Ryan's every once in a while will satisfy Jack - we shall see. As Ryan's grandfather told me - Target has one in red too :) (actually found this one that I like...)

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