Friday, July 17, 2009

A Big Helper

Jack likes to be part of all the action... and that includes helping us with chores around the house. You know he's an zealous vacuumer. He is pretty decent at picking up his toys.

Today Jack decided outdoor work was where he needed to pitch in. When Stephen was mowing the lawn - Jack was watching. When Stephen was using the blower - Jack was in his arms. When Stephen was weed whacking - Jack was screaming at me to let him outside (I'm doing a decent job of playing the buzz kill). And when Stephen was covering up the gas grill after making some chicken - Jack was there to lend a hand.

I'm sure this phenomenon will wear off just when I actually need him to start helping out.

Are mosquitoes ruining anyone else's time outside? Ever since the rain stopped the mosquito population has exploded. You can't be outside for 2 seconds without getting eaten alive. Now I have to fully coat Jack in bug spray before even venturing outside for a few minutes. Almost wishing for the rain to come back - almost.

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