Monday, July 20, 2009

Swimming Time

Finally the clouds and rain have hit the road and summer is finally here. That means we can finally use the pool in our neighborhood and put all those swimming lessons at the Y to good use.

Jack has no hesitation getting into the kiddie pool. It's the perfect size and depth for him - just 1 foot deep... which also helps with the water temperature.

Grandma Sheep was a good sport and took Jack to the pool on Sunday and again on Monday (he played hooky from school today!).

Look at that body! He kind of needs a tan... no?

He pretends to walk like a crab in the water... and practices blowing bubbles. One thing he's had to learn at the pool is to close your mouth when you fall over. He learned this the hard way!

Playing games with Grandma Sheep.

One funny thing about Jack is that out of the blue he'll declare that he's cold and needs his towel - even when it's really hot out and there's not even a breeze. He makes this face like he's is out in 10 degree weather. I'm pretty sure it's all an act...

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