Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tractors and Cows - oh my!

Big weekend for Jack - not one, but TWO tractor rides from... Grandpa Tractor. The first time they headed down the driveway to visit the cows, got a big scoop of dirt from somewhere and then brought it back up to the house to dump behind the "barn."

Sunday morning Jack coerced several different people to walk down the driveway with him... including me. We sat down after a bit and looked at the cows ... off in the distance. Actually we yelled at them.

Jack saw the mommy cows feed the babies "real mama's." As you know, Jack calls a bottle of milk a mama... he found this "from the source" method quite intriguing. Hopefully he doesn't want to go back to that way - not sure I have anything to offer him :)

Happy Birthday Grandma Rose!

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