Thursday, June 11, 2009

Time Out

Jack's old enough for time outs now... and boy is he racking them up lately. His 2 favorite things to do to earn him time alone are - yelling "no" very defiantly at either Stephen or myself and blowing raspberries at us if we're trying to give him direction. The humorous part is that - no matter where he is - he already knows where his "time out" spot is. When he's downstairs all we have to say is, "go to time out" and he runs to sit on the first step. If we are upstairs he knows to hightail it to the wing chair in the guest room. We typically keep him there anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes (1 min per year?). We talk to him about why he got the time out and then he has to apologize. But sometimes he ends up getting a time out on top of a time out! Meaning - when I'm talking to him about what he did that was inappropriate - he'll start up that same poor behavior - which lengthens the time he has to sit in time out.

Saturday is Founder's Day here in Foxboro. It's a big day. We have a parade at 10am and then the fire department will be doing demonstrations on the field (where the booths are set up). We are going to have hot dogs (which Jack now loves!), fried dough, ice cream... and other sugary foods. Fun! Fireworks start at 9:15 - don't think we'll make them again this year. Maybe next?

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