Thursday, June 4, 2009

School Update

Remember last week when I was fretting about Jack changing schools? Well, it was totally unnecessary... he LOVES it! On Friday we did a half day at the school - drop off was a little teary - but by the time we left the parking lot he was making friends. Then on Monday it was his first full day - again, very nervous and drop off didn't go the best, but as is the case with this little turkey... he turns on the waterworks for Mom and Dad and then as soon as we leave he's playing with the group.

The new school and the teachers are really impressing us. From the layout, to the lesson plans to the way they communicate with us - it's all a breath of fresh air. We are very happy with the decision. Phew.

For Stephen's birthday (which was yesterday) I had asked that during craft time that Jack make his father a birthday card. They did... and it came out so cute. So cute in fact that Stephen took it to work with him. Then yesterday - on Stephen's birthday - the director sent us an email during the day of Jack wishing Stephen a happy birthday. Here it is:

That is Jack playing on the playground. He looks a little sweaty! Gotta start dressing him in shorts... he really works up a lather playing and running around.

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