Friday, June 5, 2009

My Cheering Section

As you may know, I started jogging in April - with the intention of running the Boston Marathon next year. Not sure that is going to happen ... 26.2 miles is a long race!

Last weekend we went to Albany so I could run the Freihofer's Run for Women - a 5K - just 3.1 miles. I ran it with Christy and Mandi - we were team "Good Time Girl." We even got matching shirts - next time we're going with another color than pink - too much pink out there these days.

I brought my own cheering section - my Mom, Dad, Rose, Stephen and of course my biggest fan - Jack all came out to cheer us on.

We started out in good spirits. Lot of people around. More than 4,000 women ran the race. How badly could I do?

Little stretching is a good thing... we tried to look like we knew what we were doing.

Started out strong. Mandi can amazingly talk and run at the same time so she was chatting along when the unthinkable happened - I had to PEE! No really, I really had to go to the bathroom. This was no joke and there were no port-a-potties on the course (probably because it was only 3 miles). At just over one mile I just couldn't take it any longer - I had to go. I told Christy and Mandi to go on... I had to go. I asked a nice man sitting outside his house if I could use his bathroom, he graciously obliged. I ran in, peed, and took back off. I tried to catch up to the GTG - but it was too late. I finished 2 minutes behind them. I had a goal of 40 minutes (told you I was slow) and I finished in just about 37 minutes - even with the pee break. So I'm happy with that. Next race I'll do better, promise.

Here's a shot of me as I'm about to cross the finish line - very happy here!

Yeah, I'm done... thanks for wishing me luck Jack!

The GTG are tired... and ready for the next race... wherever that may be.

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