Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Puppet Show

Tonight Stephen went to a homeowner's association meeting so I was on my own for putting Jack down to bed - not usually a difficult job. I decided to be extra nice and let him stay up past 8 o'clock so he could watch the Backyardigan's - I think it helps with his dance moves. Anyway - I let him stay up and when the time came I told him it was time for night night. That comment was promptly met with a very stern - No. Followed by another No - followed by a slap to the face! What - are you kidding me? I said - Jack. Chair. Now. He boogied quickly away into the guest room to the chair we use for time outs.

I left him in there for the prerequisite 2 minutes and then went in to check on him. What did I find? Jack putting on a puppet show. He had pulled off his socks and had one on each hand and had them talking to each other - saying, "hi, hi, hi, hi." How do you stay mad at such a cute kid? I couldn't... we moved on. He went to bed (after reading 5 books). He's so cute I could eat him.

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