Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jack and the Boa

Grammy, Jack and I went to Michael's (art/craft store) the other day and something quickly caught Jack's eye:

He really liked the boa. He ended up trading this white one in for a black one. He pet it for the time that we were in the store. Fortunately he fell out of love with it by the time we got to the cash register... so I didn't have to buy it.

Today Jack and I were playing on the stairs and he grabbed my headband... and instantly knew what to do with it... I think he makes an awfully cute little girl. Don't you?

Later in the day we did some errands... which of course involved a trip to Home Depot. Stephen ran inside to get whatever he needed to get. Jack, Grammy and I stayed in the car and watched another great episode of Barney. I tried to get Jack to wear the headphones so we didn't have to listen to that big purple dinosaur anymore. It worked for about one minute... then Jack whipped them off.

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