Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Eating Turnaround

Jack has staged a turnaround in the world of eating. Now he's wolfing down breakfast (mostly sausage), chowing on his lunches and enjoying dinners with the family. It's a big relief that I know he's getting real food into his belly on a semi-regular basis. He also enjoys a nice snack every once in a while... Here is a picture of him eating a pretzel this evening.

While Stephen was giving Jack a bath tonight, I snapped a picture of Jack's "crib friends." When I go to get Jack in the morning I routinely find him having heated conversations with either Froggy, Elmo, Penguino, Birdy or Barney.

Since it's Stephen's "job" to get Jack down to bed at night, Jack relishes in saying bye bye to me. I caught him on camera blowing me a kiss...

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