Friday, September 19, 2008

Dinner with Sarah and Ryan

So since both Stephen and our neighbor Tom are away... Jack and I went out to dinner with Sarah and Ryan tonight. We hit Jimmy's Pub in Mansfield... not sure I'm going back!

It took more than an hour to get our food (!) so we had to work hard to entertain the boys... Jack smashed a fork on the table and sucked on pretzels. This while Ryan ate some yogurt and made faces at the boys at a nearby table.

Jack looks a little cross eyed here. There's a big pretzel in his mouth here. When dinner did arrive, neither kid was interested in eating. So Sarah and I tried to eat... but it was no use. We ended up getting it all to go.

When we got home we had time for a quick tv show and then it was night-night time. Here is Jack in his new jammies which I'm pretty sure are going to double as his Halloween costume this year.

The jammies glow in the dark... aren't they cute? He's also sporting his new slippers... they're little teddy bears. Jack likes to pick at the ears.

Stephen gets home tonight... gotta go clean :)

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