Thursday, September 18, 2008


So I know I've been remiss in updating the blog lately... I have a list of excuses... want to hear them?
  • tired
  • stephen is traveling
  • tired
  • migraines
  • tired
  • no new pictures
  • tired
Clearly I've been tired. But I can't keep my fans waiting. Here is your update. Jack is not saying "touchdown" when he throws his arms over his head, he's saying "ta da!" It's pretty clear now, but you can understand how we would mistake that for touchdown.

So now to get Jack to eat breakfast before school and still find time for his shows... we've combined the two. Yes, Jack eats in front of the tv, but in the high chair, so there is some structure here.

He's eating off his new "Jack" plate that he got from Jill. It has his name on it and pictures of trucks... makes meal time a little more fun.

Tonight after I picked Jack up at the Y we went to the McHugo's for dinner. Jack played with Owen for a while, threw a piece of pizza on the floor (making the golden retriever very happy) and got mad at me when I held little baby Ethan. When we got home, Jack chilled out while I took care of Chatty. Check out how messy his shirt got today...

Isn't he a big boy?

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