Sunday, February 17, 2008

So as you may know, the dog... Chatiemac, likes to drink A LOT of water. So much so that sometimes I just pop open the toilet seat and let him drink 'til he's content. (we all know water tastes better straight out of the can!)
Well tonight Jack decided he was going to check out Chatty while he was getting his fill... and this is what happened:

Then I tried to get Jack away from Chat... thinking slamming the lid (and holding it down) on his head was just not what a 14 and a half year old dog would want. But Jack is like his father... when he sees something he wants... he goes and gets it... including toilet paper (it's a good thing I cleaned the bathroom today):

This kid is too darn funny for his own good... I miss him when he goes to sleep. Maybe I'll go wake him up!

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