Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Real Tool

Today Jack "helped" his father put together a stand for the new miter saw. As you can see they had a better time playing on it than putting the wheels on.

The bigger news is that Jack has sprouted another tooth! It's his top right tooth... and that explains why he's been a little cranky the last few days. I'd be cranky too if I had a tooth popping through my gums.
He's also getting more and more curious. We took Jack to Piccadilly Pub this evening for dinner (a big night out!). He spent the majority of the time leaning all the way back in his high chair and staring at the people at the other tables. When the waitress would come over he's look at her sheepishly and then crack a sly smile. A true lady killer! Then he fell asleep on the way home, so right now he's sleeping in his crib... in his clothes!

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