Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Nightly Ritual

After Jack comes home from school we eat a little dinner. Usually consists of a veggie and some diced fruit and of course a little formula. Then it's time for the tub.
Dad gives him a bath while I set-up for the next stage which is trying to get him into his jammies. After we wrestle him into the pajamas it's time for him to crawl around and generally try to eat everything in his room. Tonight the main focus was the trunk in his room... he really likes to feel (and eat) textures:
After we eat stuff around the room it's time for a book. Tonight he was feeling quite independent and was going to try reading on his own. So basically he tried to eat the book:

And since I think I've established that Jack likes to eat just about everything, this next picture should not be surprising. He tried to eat his pajamas:
Now the little bugger is in bed singing to himself. He should be asleep shortly... we hope!

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