Saturday, August 1, 2009

When You're 2... don't need much to entertain you. A cardboard box is fun. A wooden spoon is interesting. A 4x4 piece of plastic with some squirty holes and the hose attached is a darn good time.

Jack and Ryan squirted the water in their faces. Ryan enjoyed drinking the water straight from the mat. Jack tried washing the toy lawnmower.

This morning Stephen and Tom took the boys over to the pool. Tom took control of Jack who only wanted to play in the big pool and Stephen was in charge of Ryan in the kiddie pool. Not sure why it worked out like that but I can assume that it's probably always a little more fun to play with someone you don't get to all that often. Maybe?

I'm just glad we finally had a nice warm day - with no mugginess. Looks like we'll have half a good one tomorrow too.

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