Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Sun"day Fun

Another beautiful day here in Foxboro. No muggy weather and the mosquitoes seem to be declining in numbers finally. Stephen took advantage of the sunny skies and mowed the lawn. Jack wanted to be with him during this chore. So first Stephen tried carrying Jack and mowing at the same time... that just resulted in a very sweaty and tired father. So I suggested putting Jack into the toddler backpack we had gotten from Artie. Brilliant!

It was brilliant until Stephen was mowing under the tree in the front yard and didn't duck down far enough - letting Jack get a face-full of tree. Whoops. No major injuries but we moved onto another tactic. We suggested to Jack that he use his (actually Ryan's) mower to follow behind. This worked for about 30 seconds before a full-on meltdown took place. That means it was time for one thing - a nap!

He finally fell asleep around 1:15... by 4:00 I was making noise in his room to try and wake him up. He looked so peaceful but I didn't want him to sleep for so long - just throws him further off schedule for night-night time.

Look how long he is... he's huge!

When he finally woke up we played a bit then ate some dinner. We tried to think of something interesting to do - and Stephen came up with a winner - we headed to Crescent Ridge in Sharon. It's a dairy bar with real live cows! Woo Hoo!

Jack belted out a few big "moo's" for the enjoyment of the cows.

Took a couple big jumps off the rocks. No injuries to report. Just some bug bites.

They also had a big old tractor (kind of looks like Dad's old one) that Jack took a turn "driving."

Finally went night night around 9pm... tomorrow is a school day. I'm not far behind...

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