Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On Vacation

Finally, we're on vacation! Right now we're hanging with the McKerrow's in Nantucket... tomorrow morning we're heading to Shelter Island to bug Aunt Donna and family. In the picture above... we have Hunter (9 mos), Jack, Piper (5 y.o.) and Harper (8.5 y.o.).

We got here late in the afternoon on Friday and have gone to the beach 2 times, gone fishing, shot of rockets, went out on the boat, hit a tent party on the beach and swung on the swing set for hours on end.

Jack is really enjoying the beach this year. He happily sits and plays in the water, throws rocks and eats chips in a beach chair. The water is very warm and the weather is super... a little hot but with the sea breeze we're doing just fine. He also likes to be pulled fast on the boogie boards...

Stephen brought rockets to shoot off in the yard. We've done it just once so far... the recovery team had a bit of a hard time locating Rocket 2029... finally it was found on the edge of a pond in a neighbor's yard. Whoops.

We hit the Opera House Cup tent party on Sunday evening. It's a party on the beach to celebrate the end of race week. It is sponsored by companies like Sperry's and Vineyard Vines. The kids had a good time dancing on the dance floor... while Stephen and Tim annihilated the raw bar. The folks from Vineyard Vines were handing out pink foam whale hats to the kids... they loved them. The VV people also took a bunch of pictures of the kids wearing the hats... they liked Jack since he was wearing their clothes. Maybe he'll end up in their catalog!

We went out for what was supposed to be a nice cruise in the boat. At first it was fine... we were hanging out and watching the parade of colorful sailboats... then Mt. Jack erupted - complete and total meltdown. It started because he didn't want to wear his life jacket and then tripled in intensity when he found out I didn't bring a "ma ma" on board. Stupid mistake on my part. We ended up having to go back to the slip and let a few of us off the boat. Then Tim took the kids and his Mom back out to sea to do a little fishing... in peace.

Jill and I keep trying find some time to go get a pedicure... shockingly it hasn't happened yet. Maybe this afternoon :)

Jack is totally and completely in love the with the swing set here. I can't even count the hours that Stephen has spent pushing Jack... ugh. What is he going to do when he realizes we're leaving in the morning?

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