Monday, August 10, 2009

Hangin' with Grandpa Tractor

Yesterday I had to head to NY for the day for a friend's bridal shower. So Jack and I packed up the car early (8:15) and hit the road - leaving Stephen behind for the day. I anticipated a "free day" for Stephen, you know - a nap, lunch... a nap... some snacks... you get the idea. No, instead he did household chores all day.

Anyway, we got to Grandpa Tractor's around 10:45 and the plan was for me to leave at 11:30 to head to the shower. I thought we might have a tough transition when I left, but I was very wrong. Grandpa Tractor invited Jack for the much anticipated tractor ride - and Jack couldn't say bye bye to me fast enough.

The shower was very nice, had a great time seeing Michelle, Christy and Mandi for a few hours. When I was driving back to Dad's I was anticipating a terrible report (tantrum, no eating, no sleeping). Boy was I wrong. He had a great time. Went to visit the cows on the tractor, went for a walk, ate his pasta and actually asked to take a nap. What? Who's kid is this? Glad it went so well - but wonder why he saves his typical 2-year old behavior for Stephen and me?

Here is the "other" tractor... not Grandpa Tractor's real tractor. Apparently this is a back-up?

Showing off by counting to 10 and eating a stick of cheese.

Jack working the controls on the "real" tractor and telling Mom to back off... really nice.

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