Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Small accident at school today

So today when I called the Y today to check on Jack, they told me there had been a little accident. Immediately I got concerned. Turns out he was trying to stand on a toy and ended up falling and hitting his face on it. The result? He tore his frenulum. His what-u-lum? His frenulum. That's the little piece of skin that attaches your upper lip to your gum. Ouch. Apparently it bled a fair amount until he started sucking on an ice pop they gave him to numb the pain. So now when Jack eats he can only use his back teeth - good thing he has some. No tart foods, no acidic foods... at least for a few days. The pediatrician says this is a typical injury and they don't do anything to repair it (stitches?). It tends to heal very quickly... we shall see.

Here is a picture of Jack from over the weekend (during the healthy hours) when he was contemplating a career with Poland Spring.

"Now where do I start?"

Here's a picture of Jack "half in the bag!"

We're starting Jack early on the eye-hand coordination.

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