Sunday, May 23, 2010

Touch a Truck Day

It was touch a truck day again here in Foxborough. That's where the town and local businesses bring out big trucks, buses, cranes and emergency vehicles and let the kids crawl all over them. Always a hit with the under 12 crowd. Today we went with Owen and Ethan who happen to live across the street from where the event was being held.

Oh no - here's what Jack looks like in the back of a police car!

Say cheese you crazy truck lover!

And then we got to try out a digger of some sort...

The horn blowing got to be a little much - so we took off for the playground to play with a million different kids. Of course we ended up bumping into Ryan (from next door) and Abby, Jordan and Jake from daycare... the kids were all sweating and running and having fun. Fortunately they were "fenced in" (soccer field) so we just let them loose. Fun!

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