Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life's a Beach!

When Stephen is traveling I try to be more creative or ambitious in my weekend plans with Jack. It can just get really old being at home with him for two whole days with nothing fun to break it up. I mean going to Stop & Shop and Target is fun for me... not so much for him though.

This morning we got up bright and early and I thought it looked like a good beach day. While Jack ate his morning bacon and watched Wow Wow Wubbzy, I did some research on good beaches to take Jack to that were within an hours drive. We settled on Duxbury Beach (45 mins away) and headed out around 8:30. We got there and the parking area was closed (opens next week for Memorial Day) but we chanced it and parked on the road and hiked over the dunes to the beach. At first Jack was freaked out about sand - but I told him that if he didn't like sand it was going to make for a quick trip to the beach. I convinced him that the fun of throwing rocks and collecting shells would far outweigh the feeling of sand on his feet. And I was right. We threw rocks, collected broken shells (he held them to his ear and said he could hear the ocean), chased sea gulls, pet dogs, built a cruddy sand castle... and of course had to pee on the beach. Fortunately we were literally the only ones there so letting it all hang out right on the beach wasn't an issue!

We stayed for just over an hour and then headed home... it's now 3:45 and he still hasn't taken a nap yet (I of course am dying to take a snooze!). Hoping he goes to bed early tonight and I can catch up on my shows on the DVR!

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