Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Look how big Jack is getting. His belly has finally gone away and his chunky legs have turned into skinny little boy legs. His favorite thing to say to Stephen and me is, "I do it all by myself." Right now we're just a bout potty trained - working on a few poop issues - which I hear is normal. He stays dry for naps and about 90% of most nights. So it looks like we're getting a 6 month reprieve on buying diapers before #2 makes it way down the chute.

We find out on May 17th if it's a boy or a girl. Today I'm guessing it is a boy... but that changes every day. At the doctor yesterday I heard the heartbeat and it was right at 140 bpm - which is gender neutral. I guess a faster heartbeat typically means girl and a slower heartbeat means boy. I've been craving all the same foods I did when I was pregnant with Jack (fruit, bagels, etc) but I'm also much more tired and nauseated. I could blame the tiredness on the fact that this time around we have an independent 3-year old to contend with... not sure about the general malaise though.

Looks like we're going to have an awesome weekend weather-wise. Sunny and in the 80s. Hoping to get the bulk of our outdoor work accomplished - like the mulch. I get a free pass from any heavy lifting - woo hoo!

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