Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer is over...

Well, the summer is over - even though I am wearing white jeans today (my only excuse is that I have pretty much 5 pairs of pants that fit me right now and - white happens to be 40% of them). We had a busy summer- hot weather (ick!) - but Jack really progressed in swimming. He now jumps in and goes completely underwater without abandon and usually yells "To infinity and beyond!" It's quite funny.

He is also completely obsessed with being Superman. It's starting to become an issue. You see, a few months ago I bought him these cute Superman jammies at TJ Maxx - they came with a cape - how could I resist? He now insists on wearing them EVERY night. And when it comes to getting them off him in the morning to get dressed for school - it's a total nightmare. As a parent you feel super guilty taking his jammies off while he yells "but I want to fight the bad guys!" Oh Jack... you'll always be our little "Supterman!"

On the "Baby Cookie" front - I'm now 34.5 weeks pregnant... and routinely get comments from people that I look like I'm going to pop. Umm... thanks. That's just what every pregnant woman wants to hear. Trying to devise a plan for when I do eventually go into labor - and we have to have someone lined up to take care of Jack. We have options... we just need to lay out all the scenarios based on timing. I'm convinced this labor will go quickly (not 12 hours like the last one!) so I need to have a good plan. Shoot - that reminds me, I also have to pack the hospital bag. Stephen is wrapping up the boys' new room - it looks spectacular. I'll post pictures as soon as it's camera-ready.

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